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Access Polkadot in Seconds with DataHub

We are happy to announce that DataHub’s read/write nodes and enriched APIs are officially available for all developers building applications within the Polkadot ecosystem! What’s better? Thanks to a grant from the Polkadot onchain treasury, we are offering a reimbursement on your monthly DataHub fee in DOT tokens. Sign-up now or learn more by reading below.

Why DataHub?

We built DataHub to empower blockchain application developers by opening a gateway to Web 3 protocols.

Building and running decentralized applications can be an extremely costly and difficult process without the right tools, knowledge, and resources. Developers usually need to run a node to access the network necessary to power their application. This would be a similar experience to managing your own server to keep your website up and running. The lack of developer resources that are easily available for Web 2 developers hinders the growth of the Web 3 ecosystem.

DataHub’s read/write nodes and enriched APIs solve this problem for Polkadot ecosystem developers. Instead of developers having to run their own Polkadot node, Polkadot ecosystem developers can easily connect and interact with the Polkadot relay chain without having to manage their own infrastructure. This allows developers to focus on what they do best, develop amazing applications.

No More Nodes with DataHub

DataHub offers highly available access to:

  • Polkadot’s RPC
  • Figment’s Enriched API (transaction search)
  • Figment’s Staking Indexer (rewards and balance data)
  • Substrate’s Sidecar API (interact with blockchain nodes using the Substrate framework)


DataHub Plus for all Polkadot Developers

Thanks to a grant from the Polkadot onchain treasury, we are offering a reimbursement of your monthly DataHub fee in DOT tokens. This gives Polkadot ecosystem developers the ability to interact with Polkadot for free up to 1 million requests per day, without having to manage their own infrastructure.

How it Works

When a user signs up to Polkadot DataHub, they have the ability to upgrade to DataHub Plus and get the subscription price rebated in DOTs within 2 weeks.

On their DataHub dashboard, users will see the “Upgrade For Free” button which redirects them to our subscription page.

There, they will be able to select the Plus plan and benefit from increased flexibility and support. Users will be charged $50/month on their credit card, and they will receive $50 back in DOT equivalent, Polkadot’s native token, for every month they subscribe.

To be eligible, simply:

  1. Upgrade to DataHub Plus.
  2. Add a Polkadot wallet address to your DataHub account.
  3. Reply to our email to let us know what you intend to build with your Plus subscription!

We will send out the reimbursements at the end of each monthly subscription period.

A New Way of Funding Web 3 Development

To our knowledge, this is a completely new and novel way of supporting developers building on Web 3. Since the launch of Figment Learn last year, we have distributed over $275,000 in network tokens to developers who have learned to build on Web 3.

We see our Polkadot DataHub Plus rebate offering as an extension of that. This gives us the ability to offer our premium services to all Polkadot builders while putting network tokens in the hands of developers and not speculators.

We look forward to further supporting the Polkadot ecosystem and stay tuned for more updates.

Useful Links:

DataHub Sign-up

Learn Documentation

DataHub Discord

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