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Our Plan for Game of Zones

Cosmos’ Game of Stakes was one of the first incentivized testnets within the Proof of Stake ecosystem. This incentivized testnet was regarded as a huge success, and laid the foundation for future incentivized testnets, including IBC’s new Game of Zones.

Game of Zones (GOZ) is an incentivized testnet designed to educate the Cosmos community on how to operate IBC relayers, and test IBC’s functionality and security, while stress testing the system.

Phase one of Game of Zones will launch on Wednesday, May 6th at 3am ET. It was originally planned for May 1st, but the team behind Game of Zones needed a bit more time to resolve a few technical issues.

What is IBC?

Inter-Blockchain Communication, or IBC, is designed to link the Cosmos ecosystem zones and tendermint-based blockchains together. Specific blockchains like Kava, Terra, and e-Money will be able to connect to a hub, like Cosmos, and ultimately each other through IBC. This will allow for data and value to flow through connected chains.

GOZ Plan

In IBC, relayer nodes are what connect zones to hubs, and ultimately, other zones. We see the ability to network various blockchains together through IBC as the promise of the Cosmos ecosystem, and relayer nodes will act as the internet routers that connect them.

Our plan during GOZ will be to use the time to learn how to operate a relayer node. In IBC, Zone A doesn’t directly send data to Zone B. Instead, Zone A fills an outgoing queue of data to send and an off-chain relayer watches the queue, grabs any new data, and tries to send it to Zone B. There will be many relayers watching queues and trying to perform the same jobs. Whoever is fastest “wins”.

We do not plan to win any prizes, but we will be active throughout the competition. Our goal is to learn as much as we can, and if it makes sense, operate a relayer node in the future once IBC is live.

We will be posting weekly updates about our Game of Zones experience via Twitter, but if you would like to stay informed and join the conversation we suggest following the competitions Twitter and joining its Telegram group. Technical info can be found here.

You can also check out our article on IBC and a recap of the Game of Zones AMA we hosted with Zaki Manian and Dean Tribble.

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