Beyond May, Highlights from FiLab — Farindoki Innovation Lab’16

Mahmood Mustapha
May 31, 2017 · 4 min read

Our founder has crossed path with thought leaders, Professors, industry experts, and executives across different events in 2016 from the world’s Financial capital city of New York, to the very place where most the world renown companies are coined; Silicon Valley California, the hall of power in Washington DC and to Miami; The Starting Gate — to Latin America/Caribbean startup.

“Is the most immersive experience in a year I ever had — to imagine, learn, and build the future of connectivity rather than isolation, full of products and services for the advancement of humanity. “— Mahmood Mustapha Founder, FiLab

With new partnerships and services coming soon to be part of the paradigm shift in education, health, security, and agriculture. We are creating a new platform to harness the collective collaboration of us all in other continue raising the bar for what’s possible because we came together.

Mahmood Mustapha far left, Mr. Emmanuel Uzoka; Marketing Expert with Microsoft Staff and other business owners.

FiLab joins Microsoft at Aventura, Florida for an exclusive Business Customer Appreciation event to learn about cyber security, network, and enjoy special savings.

Led by Paul Ingram, a business professor at Columbia Business School in partnership with Alley, the Culture Hacks workshop helped FiLab benefit from value alignment.

Professor Paul Ingram tremendously made FiLab have a glimpse of what it stands for through a Value Hierarchy test and our result speaks volume of where our heart lies at this company: To Explore, Connect, Ideate, Create and Nurture; transforming people and communities to become the epitome of excellence in all ramification of life through Discovery, Innovation, Collaboration, Mentoring, and Empowerment .

Together with my teammate Christian Gao at San Francisco, California, we designed and built a Hologram-Recorder-Projection-Framework.

At the Disrupt SF Hackathon 2016 where developers and engineers descend from all over the world to take part in a 24-hour hacking endurance test.

FiLab’s Founder, Mahmood Mustapha had the pleasure of touring Alphabet (Google) headquarters closely with Jordan, experiencing the culture that is fulfilling Alphabet’s vision “to provide access to the world’s information in one click.”

Mahmood Mustapha at Googleplex headquarter, Mountain View, CA

FiLab celebrates with Refresh Miami a community of hackers, early adopters, entrepreneurs and change artists for being a hub of inspiration and resources for people who develop innovative solutions, seek new technology and chase down dreams.

Mahmood & entrepreneurs at Refresh Miami’s 10 Year Anniversary, November 4, 2016

FiLab’s Co-Founder Blessing E. Achu is on a mission to empower fashion entrepreneurs by providing access to a co-sewing/working space and a fashion incubation in Africa’s most populous city.

Mahmood Mustapha and Blessing E. Achu, the heart of FiLab

AI research pushes even very bright humans to their limits, at FiLab we are enabling individuals to coordinate the use of human intelligence to perform tasks that computers are currently unable to do.

FiLab’s Crowdsourcing Internet Marketplace.

As we continue to shift innovation forward while envisioning bigger pictures, our vision of turning local influence into global impact by fearlessly exploring possible futures and examining new ideas that capture people’s imagination is coming to life.

We won’t be able to tell this stories of ours without you all, because you all have helped shaped this very moment one way or the other, building stronger bonds and conquering more challenges of life.


Creating stories, envisioning the bigger picture.

Mahmood Mustapha

Written by

Human-centric / future-focused re(searcher) - fervor in pursuit of innovation.



Creating stories, envisioning the bigger picture.

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