Channelkit as a tool for education

Shortly after we launched Channelkit 2.0 on Product Hunt , proudly announcing ourselves as a design / creative research instrument, we started receiving e-mails from another group of users — one we slightly overlooked at the start, but are now extremely proud to be working with — educators.

Professors and trainers use Channelkit to put together materials that supplement their courses. They use the channels during class to display the content they are referring to, or send them out after the class / training finishes, for further out-off-class revision.

Case : Graduate Psychology class

The example below is a case of how a psychology professor organizes materials to accompany his lectures — this one from a lecture on Groupthink. He makes the channel public and sends it out to the class for further reading and exam preparation.

Materials to accompany a class on Groupthink

Channel materials include academic papers, links to case studies (in form of articles and videos), magazine and newspaper articles.

If you’re in the education space, feel very free to reach out to me at nina@channelkit and we’ll find a best application of Channelkit for your needs!