Channelkit family — Softculture

Softculture is a young school based in Moscow that puts architects and designers up to speed on professional software. They run classes, workshops, crash courses on such tools as SketchUp, Grasshoper, Indesign etc. They’re awesome.

The classes are taught to small groups and there is plenty of interaction and follow-on support from the teaching staff. Channelkit is one of the methods used to achieve this interaction.

Materials for every course are collected in a dedicated channel. These include presentations, links to the tools in discussion, tutorials, articles, and other useful resources trainers are referring to.

For the students it’s a resource base they can refer to even after the course is over and is basically a summary of what they learned.

For the teachers it’s a knowledge base, that helps them reuse it for future classes and base new programs on.

We will be showing you more education cases going forward!

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