Channelkit family — Yulia Besplemennova

Yulia is one of our earliest and most loyal users, she is a design researcher and a self-proclaimed nerdiest designer ever!

She began using Channelkit with the need for a tool to curate the huge amount of content she goes through. She saves general information e.g. design studios or service design best practices and books, as well content specific to the topics she is working on.

“I use Channelkit to organize my work in a functional archive. With the current digital info flood, it’s ridiculous how much knowledge we keep, but do not find proper ways to share and revisit it. With curated channels it not only becomes operational for me, but also useful for other people”

Lately, Yulya has been doing a lot of research on the design and experience of dating apps. She goes deep, not only looking at tools that exist and the trends around them, but the whole changing psychology of modern dating, the female perspective on it and even how cities and spaces adapt to it. Exciting!

She has dedicated public channels on these topics and we are hooked up on them. Here is one — a very comprehensive curated selection of articles on today’s sexuality: