Encrypted backups on Sia using Filebase and Arq

Jun 11 · 4 min read

Many of our customers love using Arq for their automated backup needs and depend on Filebase for affordable cloud storage and

Here’s how to have encrypted backups hosted on the Sia Tech via Filebase, using Arq Backup.

One thing we love is that Arq Backup is a Zero-knowledge backup product: Everything is encrypted before it leaves your computer, with a key only you know.

Add Your Backup Destination

When you launch Arq for the first time, you’re asked to choose a backup destination. Select “Other S3-Compatible Service” and hit Continue.

Enter your Credentials

This box will appear, here’s where things will get (pay attention…)

  1. Type in “https://s3.filebase.com” as the
  2. Navigate in a browser to your Filebase account, click the gear icon in the top-right hand corner and select “Settings”
  3. Copy your “S3 API Access Key ID” and “S3 API Secret Access Key”

4. Paste the “S3 API Access Key ID” into “Access Key ID” and
“S3 API Secret Access Key” into “Secret Access Key”.

Choosing a Bucket

Once you’ve added your credentials, Arq will ask which bucket to backup to:

- Your bucket name must be globally unique.

After hitting continue, you should see Filebase in your Destinations list:


Editing the Destination allows for further configuration of your backup schedule:

Set Up Backups

Once you’ve added Filebase as your destination, Arq will ask what you want to do next:

Click “Set Up Backups” and enter an Encryption password to protect the data.

Write your password down…

Make sure to remember or write down your Encryption password for Arq. There is no way to retrieve this password.

We’ll say it again just incase you aren’t paying attention: If you forget this password, you won’t be able to restore the data you choose to back up.

Choose your backup folder(s)

Add a folder, or series of folders and you’re good to go!

Ensure the folders that you’ve chosen for backup appear in the dropdown for “Configure Backups” under “To s3.filebase.com”.

Why not all of your documents?

Backup, and Relax!

Go to Backups, hit

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S3-compatible object storage at a fraction of the price. No upload fees, no egress fees.