LDN Label Update — Part 1: Label Consolidation

Phil Pangestu
Filecoin Plus
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5 min readApr 20, 2023


GitHub issue labels have played an essential role in tracking and facilitating the distribution of DataCap for LDN applications in the Fil+ program. Issues are used to track applications in the https://github.com/filecoin-project/filecoin-plus-large-datasets repo. To date, this pipeline has been responsible for a majority of DataCap flow on the network, with over 850 PiB allocated to clients. Tools that facilitate this pipeline rely on these labels to document the progress of each LDN application during its lifecycle. Labels are also used to analyze current DataCap allocations and find opportunities for future tooling improvements.

Since the launch of the LDN process, we have undergone numerous iterations of these labels. In many instances, new labels were introduced as makeshift solutions for unique situations that emerged. This growth in the set of labels has resulted in technical debt for the Fil+ tools that have been built.


The primary goal of this update is to consolidate the set of labels in order to streamline their usage and improve the overall efficiency of the LDN application process. By reducing the number of labels and focusing on a more concise and organized set, we aim to:

  • Simplify and expedite the LDN process by minimizing confusion among notaries and other Fil+ community members about the status of an application.
  • Decrease the time and effort required for the governance team to maintain and update tooling that relies on these labels.
  • Facilitate more accurate analysis of DataCap applications and allocation status.

Issues currently open with any previous labels will be migrated to the updated set, and moving forward, newly created issues will also be processed using this new set.

Example of a label migration for an application

New consolidated set of labels

The following is the updated set of labels that will replace the previous labels in use.


  • previously state: Validated
  • The validated label is added to an issue when the parent comment of an LDN application is fully completed and all questions have been answered.
  • When the validated label is added, a member of the governance team will review the application and post the trigger message below.
  • This trigger message signifies to the SSA bot (subsequent allocation bot) to initiate the tranche allocation process, which will then post the request message shown in the next section.

ready to sign

  • previously Bot: Ready To Sign
  • If the SSA bot detects the trigger message posted by the governance team or identifies that the client is low on previously granted DataCap (<25% of DataCap balance last granted), it will post the following request message.
  • Once there is a request message, the ready to sign label should be added to the LDN application.
  • SSA bot detects the ready to sign label and notaries should be able to view the LDN application on the Fil+ registry (filplus.fil.org) for next steps.

start sign datacap

  • previously state:StartSignDatacap or status:StartSignDatacap
  • When the first notary, of the two notaries required, has completed their due diligence and has signed in support of the LDN application DataCap allocation tranche, the proposal message shown below is posted.
  • The start sign datacap label is added to the issue when this proposal message is posted and the SSA bot detects it.
  • On the Fil+ registry, the status is updated to indicate that one notary has already supported the LDN application.
  • The applicant now needs a second notary to sign the tranche to release DataCap.


  • previously state:Granted or status:Granted
  • When a second notary has completed due diligence and signed in support of the LDN application’s DataCap tranche request, the approval message shown below is posted.
  • The granted label is added to the issue when this approval message is posted and the SSA bot detects it.
  • If successful, DataCap is issued for the granted allocation.
  • The LDN application is removed from the list notaries see on the Filecoin Plus registry, until the next tranche is requested and the process repeats.

total datacap reached

  • previously issue:TotalDcReached
  • The total datacap reached label is added when the client has reached the total amount of DataCap requested in the application.


  • Consolidation of what used to be a set of many error labels that indicate tooling errors.
  • An error message with more information about the error is posted in the issue. The following is an example of an error message where the “Address” field is not specified in the “Approved Comment.”

governance review needed

  • previously bot:reviewNeeded
  • Information provided by the applicant has changed, requiring a manual check from members focused on the client UX on the governance team.


More Label Updates Coming Soon

We hope that this label consolidation simplifies the LDN process moving forward. In part 2 of this post, we will discuss the addition of new labels that allow notaries to indicate their engagement with the application.