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We are Filigran, the new home for OpenCTI and OpenEx

Filigran launching is now!

For more than 3 years, we have been working to provide as many people as possible with an open source cybersecurity and crisis management software. OpenCTI and OpenEx applications are now globally used by organizations of all sizes and serve as an essential tool for dealing with cyber threat intelligence, detection and incident response use cases.

Today, it is time to take a major step forward to expand the ecosystem. This new phase will remain in line with our core values: openness and collaboration. We are proud to announce the creation of Filigran, the new home for OpenCTI and OpenEx research and development teams.

Research and Development is the main priority

Rest assured, our product portfolio will remain free and under an open source license. This commitment is essential for the two main objectives that we want to pursue with the creation of Filigran:

  • Meet the challenges of products extensions, roadmaps acceleration and usage massification by building agile and multidisciplinary full-time engineering teams.
  • Provide enterprise-ready solutions for technical support, cloud hosting and training courses for organizations which need it to move forward with our products.
Open Source is part of our DNA!

A Company Focused on Community Contributions and Customer Needs

Filigran is a company founded by Samuel Hassine (CEO) and Julien Richard (CTO), thriving on sharing, good development practices, innovation and openness. It provides four types of services:

  • Enterprise technical support to support organizations that use one of the products from our portfolio in production.
  • Cloud hosting (software as a service) to facilitate the deployment, adoption and provision of fully managed instances of our products.
  • Remote or on-site training courses for analysts, exercise planners, administrators or developers.
  • Professional services and consulting for integration, implementation of workflows, exercise planning and use of platforms in the context of major projects.
We will help you to design and draw your use cases and procedures

Beyond these services, Filigran will ensure the maintenance, development and delivery of the roadmaps defined by the community. In other words, it will not shake up the collaborative governance of the projects which has ensured their success and adequacy. This is the beginning of a new development cycle with the purpose of doing better and faster.

Filigran teams will also be committed to help users on discussion channels, provide documentation, and create new content accessible to all, such as videos and user tutorials. Our organization will contribute to the organization of an annual conference in spring dedicated to OpenCTI and OpenEx.

Already Mature and Proven Products and Solutions

Although Filigran has just came to light officially, it is already based on a rich ecosystem:

  • More than 30 customers on 4 continents in 9 countries already trust Filigran for the technical support or the management of their cloud-hosted instances.
  • More than 2,000 organizations use one product (or more) of our portfolio for cyber threat intelligence analysis or crisis drill preparation mechanisms.
  • The OpenCTI, OpenEx and OpenCrisis roadmaps have been revised and augmented (this will be the subject of a later article) so as to match the long-term vision that we developed alongside the community.
Our commercial and professional presence is already global

All of the technical support portal, industrialization, deployment and cloud maintenance systems are fully operational and provide customers with the level of service corresponding to the very strict quality requirements we have set for ourselves, as from the start of our open source development journey. Based on these achievements and many more to come, we will continue to show how open source solutions can do more than compete with proprietary software.

A fast-growing team

Our success relies on our capacity to build a strong, competent and multidisciplinary team. In order to step up to the challenge, we are opening more than 10 full-time positions in different fields: engineering, business development, technical account management, marketing and administration.

Transform energy and speed in ideas and code

If you wish to embark on a new adventure which has just begun, to make a positive contribution to the world of software, join us now! Here are the main reasons to come and work with us in order to build the first European cybersecurity and crisis management solutions provider:

  • We have a rich ecosystem and an extensive customer environment which will offer a great deal of exciting challenges.
  • We provide a serious and neat working atmosphere, while remaining fun and open like our products.
  • We strive for modern technological stacks with big data, correlation, consolidation and real time constraints which places engineers in a permanent search for innovation.
  • We follow a culture of success and benefits sharing, while ensuring an inclusive and balanced work environment for all employees.

We are very proud to work with all the organizations that trust us and we look forward to working with new ones! If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us: we will be happy to tell you about our company and our products.



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