Live Video Impacts Social Media and Influencers

A simple explanation of how Live can produce the best results for social media campaigns.

Introduction to Live Video
Live streaming has been with us for quite some time now, however, it’s only been a year and a few months since YouTube, Facebook and Instagram have revolutionised how we use Live today.

The choice to watch Live broadcasts is no longer only on TV; several social media platforms now allow you to consume real-time information. It has been made extremely easy for anyone and everyone to go Live, so as long as a user has an account with a Live streaming site, they can Live stream without a problem. Live has had a huge impact on how social media works and more importantly, how social influencers connect and engage with their audience.

To give you an idea of how many Live streaming sites there are, here are a few of the top performing platforms of 2017:

  1. Facebook Live
  2. Instagram Live
  3. YouTube Live
  4. Periscope
  5. Twitch
  6. YouNow
  7. Tinychat

Social Media and Live Video
Facebook Live launched on April 6th 2016, since then there has been 10 times more comments on ‘Live’ videos than regular ones. The monthly average, according to Tubular Labs, a social media analytics provider, documented 2 million Facebook Live videos and 5 billion total Live views on Facebook. From this, we are beginning to understand that people are starting to consume content differently.

Social media giants such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram favouring Live video in their algorithms, indicate to brands the importance of Live video in their future marketing strategies.

Instagram launched Live for people living in the US in late November 2016, it was then later introduced to the UK. Since then, at Filli, we have noticed that the people who broadcast the most are bloggers and influencers. This comes at no surprise, after all, creative individuals dominate Instagram. Instagram Live is a quick and easy way to express opinions. It also provides a more seamless channel to review products. Further, it is a way to communicate with your most engaged audience members. Instagram have continued to build on their live features, such as saving Live videos to influencer’s stories.

How to utilise Live Video as a brand
I have been posting fashion and lifestyle content to my Instagram audience of around 100k for the past four years, I’ve noticed a big increase of Live video usage and watched it become a regular part of Instagram influencers routines. Two of the most common live stream styles amongst female influencers are Q&A videos and beauty tutorials. Brands have the unique opportunity to have an unfiltered review of their product when they utilise influencers through live videos.

When influencers have a loyal follower base, the audience will listen, agree and support the influencer when they are authentically being themselves. This is an important point to remember when collaborating with an influencer on a live stream. Endorse them with a product that can be easily implemented in their daily routine and something that they can talk about, so even if it is sponsored, it can be executed naturally.

(A good example of this would be Acacia Brinley, who does similar videos to this on Instagram live streams and implements products naturally into her makeup routines)

It is also important to remember that live videos cannot be altered in any way, they happen as they are. A no-script opportunity to see into the influencers world, provides a unique opportunity to reach an audience authentically. It’s crucial to pick an influencer who deeply fits your brand and knows how to portray themselves well on camera; After all, they are representing you.
How Live Video Can Boost Your Campaign
Live can also boost engagement on Instagram photos that have been posted by the influencer, giving your campaign better results and reaching more people.

For example, when a post with a product has been uploaded, the caption could be explaining that the product will be shown in more depth in a live stream later on in the day. When the product is shown on the live stream, the audience is most likely to go back to the post to engage with it. In addition to this, people who have not seen the original post may click on the live video regardless, which will inform them about the product, again leading them back to the post, so it’s a win-win situation. This is an excellent way to enrich the audience journey around the post.

(Here’s an example post from myself to explain the above point)

Finally, thanks to live, it is also easier to give out information on giveaways. A post to support it should also be put in place, however the details can be given out on Instagram live. Further, thanks to their new feature of being able to save live videos onto stories, they can stay up there for 24 hours so every person of the influencer’s audience can view it if they miss the initial stream. Giveaways are great if you’re looking to build brand awareness, and giving an influencer an item to give away is a great opportunity to build a loyal customer base.

Now that you know how Live affects social media and social influencers, maybe it’s time to include it in your social and influencer strategy to maximise your engagement.