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22 Actors Share Their Audition Stories

(Watch the video on Youtube here)

Teri Andrez: I think there are way too many people trying to work in this business, that is you get something, it’s probably meant to be….It’s not a gamble, because you work your butt off, but I think anything that happens in this business is meant to be.

Jonathan Lipnicki: I am, as 99.9 percent of actors are, part of that audition grind. I want it so bad because I really want to do this. And at least, that there may be a discussion for it. Even if I still have to audition for it, if I’m on their top list of people, that would be really cool. But I want to be able to do what I want with it. (Hear more on Youtube.)

0:00 — Teri Andrez
0:23 — Jonathan Lipnicki
0:49 — Chad Lindberg
3:55 — Zack Ward
5:48 — Michael O’Neill
7:52 — Kalpana Pandit
11:09 — Steve Tom
16:39 — Iman Crosson
17:42 — Alex Sol
30:42 — Michael Galante
31:51 — Ben Gleib
34:33 — Douglas Spain
36:02 — Sheldon A. Smith
37:06 — Michael Barra
38:09 — Josh Stewart & Emma Fitzpatrick
39:46 — Paul Osborne
41:39 — Tyler Johnson & Pascal Payant
44:59 — Chad Lindberg
47:24 — Chad Diez & Art Hall
49:24 — Anthony Fanelli
51:04 — Teri Andrez


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