3 Things Writers Fail at When Pitching Their Scripts by Jonathan Perkins of ‘How to Pitch the Major Studios’



Film Courage: You chose the double major of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, why? Do you recommend others destined for an entertainment career elect a double major?

Jonathan Perkins: When I was in college at Colorado State, I actually didn’t know I wanted to work in the entertainment industry. I was trying to figure things out still! Business seemed to apply to a wide range of things, so that’s why I majored in it. I have a couple pieces of advice for people that want to work in entertainment:

1. Strongly consider schools like USC, UCLA, or AFI for grad work. You don’t need to go to these schools to work in the biz, but it certainly doesn’t hurt!

2. Focus. This was actually advice shared from Bill Gates and Warren Buffett on keys to success. Find out what you want to do, then focus focus focus on it.

Film Courage: Three things most writers fail at when pitching their scripts?

Jonathan Perkins:

1. Explaining unnecessary details.

2. Pitching to the wrong audience. (Know what the people you’re pitching are interested in.)

3. Know when to talk, and when to shut up.

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Born and raised in Colorado, Jonathan Perkins graduated from Colorado State University with double majors in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. He attended the Act One Executive program, has worked at Alcon Entertainment and Dreamworks Animation, and is now a working writer, producer and sales agent for television and feature film. He’s also a huge fan of Mountain Dew.


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