Acting Monologue Contest — Deadline September 12th, 2016 — No Fee to Enter

(Watch the video on Youtube here)

Thank you for your interest in submitting to this Monologue Contest.

Please refer to the GUIDELINES / RULES below:

1) Video must be received before 9pm PST on 9/12/16
 2) There is no entry fee
 3) One submission per person
 4) Must be 18 years of age
 5) The video must not contain any copyrighted images or music
 6) The video must be less than 3 minutes
 7) Please no introductions, only the performance
 8) Please select any existing monologue that allows you to showcase your talent.
 9) We hope to post the majority of submission videos to the Film Courage YouTube Channel and website, but there are no assurances that every video will make it.
 10) Please send submissions to via Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
 11) Must comply with YouTube guidelines
 12) We will award our selected winner $100 via a PayPal payment. (must be able to receive payment via PayPal)

 1) No watermarks
 2 1920×1080
 3) 23.976 fps
 4) .MOV or .MPEG4
 **5) Please email monologue video to

Deliberate Thought by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license

YouTube is not a sponsor of this contest.

**Please email monologue video to

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