Advice To Beginning Female Filmmakers by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady

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Film Courage: In the beginning of your filmmaking career, how fearful or brave were you to ask for more?

Rachel Grady: More from our subjects, more money?

Film Courage: Everything, everything. I know you had talked about in an interview having confidence versus being afraid to ask for more. And that really a light bulb went off, not even that it was a gender-specific idea [“women should ask for more”] but just the fear of appearing too…

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Rachel Grady: …Pushy? It is gender-specific.

Film Courage: It is? Okay…But I think you mentioned how you didn’t realize that was a thing [stereotype] and that you both were okay asking for more.

Rachel Grady: I think a lot of women (professional women) have that kind of trajectory which is (you know) as you have more success and you have more personal confidence, you will ask for more. And we’re two women, we own our own company, we have staff, and we’ve noticed over the years that the boy employees will always ask for more, even if they don’t deserve it. And the women won’t, so I think part of it is just that we matured and we got more confident but also we are business owners and I think you see the world differently when you are asking for money, when you are taking care of money, when you have staff working for you, when you’re a director, when you’re telling people what your vision is and expecting of them…they work for you.

So all of the things that help people get more confident and ask for more, we were put in a position that we were able to grow in it. So now that we’re almost 30, we’re insanely confident.

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Photo courtesy of Netflix for ONE OF US

Heidi Ewing: It is a privilege to make documentary films, it is a privilege to be in this business and direct, but there’s also a marketplace for the stories we have to tell, there is more of a marketplace than there has ever been. And I think a lot of filmmakers, especially earlier in their career just…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

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