Best Thing I Learned In Film School by THE MASON BROTHERS Writer/Director Keith Sutliff

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Film Courage: I know you have a [general studies] 4-year degree, but you also have a filmmaking degree or certificate?

Keith Sutliff: It’s essentially like a trade school. A trade school I went to in East L.A. I was there for about a year. Each semester is like a different level of difficulty or more requirements. So I went for about a year graduating with two certificates from there. That’s where I learned a lot of different stuff like how to direct a film or AD on a film with the director. All different jobs basically. How to edit and all that stuff. Then I took it from there and decided what I really wanted to do was writing and directing my own material.

Film Courage: It sounds like you had a positive experience there. But that being said, do you think someone still needs film school to make movies?

Keith Sutliff: No. Well…it depends on the individual because the best way to learn is hands-on. Just pick up the camera and start shooting stuff. I mean there has been a lot of big name directors that…I think a majority of them did not go to film school, they just picked up a camera and started and taught themselves. Your best film school might be watching films. Because then you learn the different shots that they use for film and take it from that.

So watching a lot of films and just pick a camera up and starting…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

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Watch the video interview on Youtube here

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