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FILMMAKER LIFE IN 2018 Event — Los Angeles Filmmaking Panel

(More information via Eventbrite here)

How does a filmmaker carve out a life for themselves in 2018? How does a filmmaker raise money for their next project? Besides money, what other challenges do they face? What mistakes have they made that can be helpful lessons to others? This panel is going to deep dive into what life is really like for a filmmaker in 2018.

In this 2 hour speaker series (that will include audience Q&A) filmmakers Christopher Ray, Andrew P. Jones, Royce Gorsuch, Orson Oblowitz, Brian Avenet-Bradley will open up about their film careers, sharing their stories and insights on what it takes to be a filmmaker in 2018.

WHEN: Tuesday, October 16th from 7:00pm — 9:00pm.

WHERE: 5628 Vineland Ave. North Hollywood, CA 91601

COST: $10.00 (Available via Eventbrite here)

**Disclaimer — These filmmakers have all agreed to participate in this panel. There is a possibility that we could lose one of the filmmakers to a shooting conflict. We will keep this page updated as news becomes available to us.

***Tickets only sold online. Limited seating available. Sorry, NO TICKETS at the door.


CHRISTOPHER OLEN RAY is an award-winning director, producer and managing partner of DeInstitutionalized, LLC, founded in 2012. His sci-fi credits include 2-Headed Shark Attack, 3-Headed Shark Attack, Shark Week, Mega Shark vs. Kolossus, Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus and Mega Python vs. Gataroid, to name a few.

Ray has worked on more than 70 films over the course of his career and has been honored with several awards, such as the 2018 Daytime Emmy “Outstanding Digital Daytime Drama Series” Award for his work on The Bay, seven Telly Awards including the Silver Award for “Best Director” on Circus Kane, as best director and producer for A House Is Not A Home and Mercenaries at the Burbank International Film Festival and received a Telly Award for his very first project, A Time Of My Life.

Award winning filmmaker, ANDREW P. JONES brings over thirty years of experience to every production. Having started in the special effects field, he was able to watch and learn from top directors like Steven Spielberg, Richard Donner, and Harold Ramis. He spent nearly a decade working on hit shows such as Married With Children, In Living Color, Everybody Loves Raymond, Mad TV, and films such as Batman, Hook, Groundhog Day, and others. In 1997 Andrew co-created a syndicated children’s show called, Field Trip for which he co-wrote and produced 26 episodes, starred as one of the lead puppet characters, and directed.

For the past twenty years he has worked as an editor, producer, co-executive producer, and/or director for a multitude of shows and specials for every network from Fox, to Discovery, BET, ESPN, Playboy, and more. He has edited hundreds of hours of programming for hit shows such as Naked and Afraid, Nanny 911, and Hell’s Kitchen. In 2016 he received an Emmy nomination for picture editing for the mega-hit, Naked and Afraid XL.

As a scripted writer/director/producer/editor — his debut feature film in 2010, Kings of the Evening (starring Glynn Turman, Lynn Whitfield, Tyson Beckford, James Russo, Bruce McGill), won numerous awards on the festival circuit including Best Drama, Best Director, Best Period Drama, and many more. His second feature, Haunting of Cellblock 11 (with Dee Wallace), won Best Horror Film at the 2014 Boston Terror ‘Thon, and his third feature, Darkness Reigns starring Casper Van Dien has been receiving exceptional reviews and is due for nation wide release in July of 2018.

ROYCE GORSUCH is the writer + director behind MAD GENIUS. He has worked for over 8 years as a commercial producer and director for Electronic Arts, the Olympic Games, Intel, Virgin America, and Reebok amongst many others before creating MAD GENIUS. Royce originally wrote the script for The Mad Genius Project in 2012 after reading several cover articles in Scientific American Magazine about mapping the human brain, which sparked the idea for the film. Being a lover of all things cyberpunk, Royce began the insane journey to bring his modern cyberpunk film to life in 2015. Royce has spent nearly every day for the past three years to bring the Mad Genius Movie to fruition, and hopes it makes you thrilled, laugh, wince, and most of all — “think about the crazy shit that’s going on.” Royce is represented by The Gotham Group. And he is slightly mad.

In addition to being an award winning photographer, whose work has been shown in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Boston and Dubai, ORSON OBLOWITZ has over a decade of experience working in film as a director, cinematographer, editor, actor, and producer. His first feature The Queen of Hollywood Blvd. a neo-noir set in the underbelly of Los Angeles just had its Los Angeles premiere at Beyond Fest and is due to come out in theaters Oct. 12th. He just wrapped his second feature Hell Is Where The Home Is which stars Angela Trimbur, Janel Parrish, and Fairuza Balk, which had it’s world premiere at the prestigious London FrightFest film festival this past September. Check out his work at

After discovering a skeleton in his bed at the age of three, BRIAN AVENET-BRADLEY hasn’t looked at life… or death… in the same way since. At the age of 10, Brian started directing horror short films. After graduating from the school of cinema at the University of Southern California, he partnered with his wife, Laurence, and they began making independent horror features together. On their first four features, she was the producer and cinematographer, and Brian was the director, writer and editor. But in indie reality, they both wore a lot of hats and switched them often.

These horror films have won five Best Horror Feature awards in addition to best directing and cinematography awards. They have been the official selection of over 34 international festivals including Cinenygma in Luxembourg, Leeds International Film Festival in the UK, and the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival in Korea where DARK REMAINS was the only U.S. film selected for the Puchon Competition. The films have been distributed world wide and received numerous positive reviews- including from Variety, Ain’t it Cool News, and Fangoria. Fangoria Magazine has also featured Brian and Laurence in two separate articles.

For their latest feature, ECHOES OF FEAR, Brian and Laurence decided to take their collaboration even further with Laurence expanding her cinematography role to include co-directing. ECHOES OF FEAR will have its World Premiere at the Shriekfest film festival in Los Angeles October 5th followed the next day by its East Coast Premiere in Women in Horror in Atlanta.

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(More info here on Eventbrite)
Images from our last event Surviving As A Working Screenwriter In Hollywood With Mark Sanderson
Images from our last event Surviving As A Working Screenwriter In Hollywood With Mark Sanderson


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