Loyola Marymount University Film Student Dillard Brown Makes Senior Thesis Short ‘Love Child’ About A Couple Traveling West on the Donner Pass in Search of Better Life for Unborn Child

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The story started with Dillard Brown and writer Ben Moroski. The two worked for weeks on end to create the engrossing story. Then came the producers. Ben Glassman, Elise Glasgow, and Kelsey Taylor hopped on board to aid Dillard with the creation and execution of Love Child. In January, Dillard and the DOP, Logan Fulton, traveled to Northern California to scout for the shoot. At the end of February, Dillard and his team will travel all over California to make Love Child a reality. They will be shooting in Tahoe, Davis, and Los Angeles, CA. Following production, composer Sven Faulconer will use his wide and unique range of musical styles to create the perfect score for the story. Sven’s keen sense for collaboration and strong story-telling skills have earned him music credits on such blockbuster movies as The Hunger Games series, Nightcrawler, The Bourne Legacy, The Green Hornet, and Parkland.