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Never Let Anyone Tell You That Every Story Has Already Been Told — Jeff Kitchen

(Watch the video interview on Youtube here)

Film Courage: Never let anyone tell you that a story has already been told?

Jeff Kitchen, Dramatist / Author / Founder / Consultant: That’s a fun one. It goes back to being a bull in a china shop as a writer, that your attack as a storyteller is so key to succeeding as a writer. Lazy writing, limp writing — it’s often so forgettable and the key word in the entertainment industry is outrageousness. People go to the movies or watch a TV show or go to the theater to see something extraordinary, something different, something energizing, something fun or exciting or meaningful or cathartic. It has to do with a rebellious streak where many people have heard the saying There is nothing new under the sun, Every story’s been told, There’s only seven basic stories or three basic stories (or whatever) and part of me completely understands that and part of me — that just…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

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