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New Jersey/ Philadelphia Filmmakers Launch Kickstarter for Dark Satire/Thriller Focusing on Social Politics in Modern Day America

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Award winning indie filmmakers Dean Tatulli & Mark L. Mazzeo have a strong desire to make films that generate conversations. Their latest project The Last White Man will do that in spades. Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, The Last White Man is a dark satire and psychological thriller with relevance that sizzles to the top at all times.

The team aims to raise 60k in 30 days. They plan to use the money to shoot the film in the latter part of 2018. The campaign includes a host of exclusive rewards including digital copies of the film, production slates used by the crew on set, special Behind-the-Scenes materials from production, the director’s shooting script (with notes!) and more. The team is currently posting updates to the Kickstarter daily. All funds raised will help to bring this film to life, and tell the sometimes horrifying, at times hilarious story of Karl Gordon and his inevitable course to carnage.

ABOUT the FILM: Karl Gordon is despondent. He’s in love with Lindsey, a girl who doesn’t love him back, he’s a failure in his career, and he lives with his mom. It’s not his fault. It’s the world’s fault — society’s forgotten Karl, they cut him out — and in its quest to appease the many, it has forgotten the few — or that’s how he sees it anyway.

Karl spends his days slinging pizzas and stalking Lindsey all while deriding a populace who has forsaken him. His need for her is obsessive, and it drives his every action until he finds himself breaking into her home, creeping through the darkness to her bedroom, and catching her with another man. They don’t see him watching and he sneaks back to his car seething with impotent rage.

Just as things are about to get really bad for all parties involved, Karl meets Keisha Booker. This is Karl’s chance to come back from the precipice, but will he take that chance or descend further into madness?

It’s the kind of story that feels both prescient and timeless. The filmmakers have likened it to a modern day Taxi Driver. The film explores what happens when the majority mistakes equality for oppression with a focus on social politics, race, and gender.

Through a combination of vérité techniques and noir aesthetics, the film’s unique gritty visual style will be achieved in a way that allows for a quick and relatively inexpensive shooting schedule. The filmmakers plan to keep the crew small and intimate, hoping to translate that to the screen for a one-of-a-kind viewing experience.

When The Last White Man is finished, the filmmakers plan to submit to festivals and get as many eyes on the project as possible with the goal of generating conversations and reactions from their audiences. With subject matter as raw as this they are confident they will be able to achieve their goal.

The Kickstarter campaign runs through August 11th.

Dean Tatulli (left) and Mark L. Mazzeo (right) — filmmakers behind THE LAST WHITE MAN on Kickstarter

Mark L. Mazzeo — Writer/Director:

Mark is a filmmaker currently based in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area. He has made a variety of award winning short films, as well as his first feature film, Something Better Comes Along. He is an industry professional with credits on multiple network television shows.

Dean Tatulli — Writer/Director of Photography:

Dean is a video professional based in Philadelphia with 7 of years of on-set experience in a variety of roles. In addition to that he has worked on award winning short films, a web series, and a feature film as a producer and director of photography.


Mark’s website


Kickstarter campaign


Dean’s website


Kickstarter campaign







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