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Page 1 Script Analysis For ‘A California Christmas’ with Director Shaun Paul Piccinino

(Watch the video interview on Youtube here)

Film Courage: Shaun I’m hoping we can go to page one of your script for A CALIFORNIA CHRISTMAS. I’m curious what you like about the opening scene of the movie which is page one of course?

Shaun Paul Piccinino, Filmmaker: The opening is obviously meant to establish Joseph’s character (played by Josh Swickard) and he is kind of living this playboy lifestyle, big city, wealthy. Obviously he’s got someone in bed. He’s young and he’s kind of obviously using his status to kind of live carefree in that way. So basically the point of it is to set up his character for his arc throughout the story because obviously he needs to grow. He’s not the best of guys at this point. So it really helps illustrate that point. It sets up who he is and the journey he is going to have to go on whether he likes it or not is basically the idea. Obviously you won’t know all of that while seeing this first scene but it sets it up of who he is and where he is at at this point in his life.

Film Courage: And he’s not a total jerk. He offers to buy the woman room service. So you’ve got to give him some props.

Shaun: Yeah…yeah..again I think with those little details is that we don’t want people to just completely hate him right off the bat. And we did have some other things in early versions and stuff that were like yeah that might make him too much of a jerk…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

(Watch the video interview on Youtube here)

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