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Reality Of Pitching Movie Ideas In Hollywood — Mark Sanderson

(Watch the video interview on Youtube here)

Film Courage: What’s the biggest screenwriting pitch you’ve ever gone out on and what happened?

Mark Sanderson, Screenwriter/Author: There was a pitch that I had with my writing partner. We had a lot of pitches. One solo I’ve been on but they haven’t been like Oh my gosh this is with…it’s been with heads of television or whatever. But I specially remember one pitch that we did and the head of the company was there - the whole strata of people were there, the assistant, the VP, and we went on for way too long. It was absurd how long the pitch was. They basically told us we saw the whole movie. It was like a 20-minute pitch and no-one stopped us and we were crazy enough rather than make it five minutes. We walked out of there and the manager said They’re going to buy this blah, blah, blah, oh my gosh and something happened where it wasn’t…it never materialized. But there was another pitch. It wasn’t big but the guy made us wait and he was late and then we’re sitting in the lobby and we see him in the office and he sees us and he pulls the blinds and we’re like That’s a good sign and we had been around and I hadn’t had lunch and I was like freaking out and I was like I’ve got to eat something so I went in their pantry and I was like ripping open bags of cookies and…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

(Watch the video interview on Youtube here)

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