The Business and Creative Reasons For Making A Christmas Movie by David Willis

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The Business and Creative Reasons For Making A Christmas Movie by David Willis

Film Courage: David, all of these years of being in entertainment, whether it’s as a magician, a comic, writer, why now with your latest project which is I’ll Be Next Door for Christmas? How long did it take you to think of the idea, to actually get the idea on paper, to then want to cast for the movie?

David Willis: Well, I wanted to make an independent film I could direct and I was raising money for another movie that’s much more expensive, like a four or five million dollar movie, and I was just going through all of the processes of talking to rich people, going to independent film companies. I was doing all of the things you have to do to raise that kind of money and it was really difficult. I thought “You know? I’m going to try and be smart about this. I’m going to write a low-budget movie so that I can raise the money more easily and make this movie and after that…we’ll do the bigger one.”

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So I specially came up with this Christmas movie for business and artistic reasons. The artistic reasons are, I love Christmas movies. I mean, they’re really fun. They are all about Christmas being in jeopardy and they are all driving each other crazy but they come through stronger in the end. They are just really fun to watch. The good ones get a little sentimental at the end, but they get there in a way that they earned it, you know? So I enjoy that.

The second reason [for making a Christmas movie] were business reasons. Christmas movies sell…okay…(Watch the video here on Youtube).

Watch the video interview on Youtube here




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