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Letter sent on Jul 18, 2017

Ranking The Films of Christopher Nolan

In today’s newsletter… The films of Christopher Nolan, an autism comedy from Netflix, and more Game of Thrones coverage…

While we wait for Dunkirk though we decided to revisit Nolan’s filmography as part of the build up to his latest, and this being the internet we also felt obligated to rank all nine. Look, we don’t make the rules. Sixteen of us submitted our rankings, and these are the collective results.

The Films of Christopher Nolan, Ranked

Netflix Debuts Trailer for Autism Comedy

A coming of age story with a very modern twist.

Game of Thrones Explained

Our resident Maester reviews the season 7 opener, digging into the details of its slow burning, often hollow hour. Plus, three important little things that will be very important later in the season.

Game of Thrones Explained: Shaking Off The Cobwebs at ‘Dragonstone’

Celebrating Snow White’s Numerous Anniversaries

Disney’s first feature turns eighty (well, sort of) while its novelization turns thirty.

‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ Re-Released, Novelized, and More: 80 Years and Counting