Use light to write better scores — Part 3: build a touch MIDI controller

Our path to automate our smart lighting in sync with music/video continues. Today we will take one step further. Let’s create a touch interface on our tablet to record light-changing performances in any DAW through MIDI.

In the previous chapters we explored the benefits of immersing oneself in colors when composing music for pictures and we implemented light changing technology in our DAW.

The tools

To replicate the steps shown in the video you will need to use a DAW, Keyboard Maestro, IFTTT, and ToucOSC editor on your computer and TouchOSC on your tablet.

The method

I can see the light

There you have it. This is how you can automate the mood of your studio along with the dramatic contour of the pictures you are scoring.

With so many new smart home accessories available every day it would be interesting pushing this method beyond the boundaries of this series. What if we could boost even more our inspiration by triggering our other senses? I’d love to know where you would want this series to go next, comment here of write me a line!

Originally published at Film Scoring Tips.