On the film’s 20-year anniversary, director David Mickey Evans spoke about THE SANDLOT and how a kid-centric film became a cult classic, “Well, the first thing you do is find the right kids, and you have to be flexible, you know. There was a certain amount of re-writing that went into it. As a director, if you write a kid character, then you go out and find a kid who can play that character. In other words, you are looking for a little Robert De Niro, well you are an idiot. What you need to do is find great honest young with outgoing personalities that are relatively fearless, which I did, and then you make adjustments in the characters that you have written to fit the young guys to play them. Then it becomes honest and authentic and real rather than phony.

[…] You know I get to act through younger actors, I mean there are a lot of things you can do with younger actors that you certainly wouldn’t do with an older actor, like for instance you can line read them. And they are receptive, and if they are good mimics then they are going to parrot that stuff back, just the way that I need it to be said, so that the meaning or the funny or whatever it is that we are trying to get across comes across. I find the ones that are the most fearless are really great ad libbers. I shot from the hip a lot in this movie. Some of the funniest lines of the movie were not lines that were written, they were just stuff that would occur to us as we were doing it, you know after a week or two, and you are starting to find the strengths of each one of these young guys, you start giving them more and more and more, they start shining.”