Shirin’s Dream (Directed by Maryam Abdoli, 2016)

After a young girl is turned down for a part in the school play, her teacher learns a lesson about persistence and ingenuity. In Farsi with English subtitles. Iran; 15 min.

Displacement (Directed by Shatha Alghabri, 2016)

Yemeni children share their experiences of being refugees as they recount what they have seen and what they miss. In Arabic with English subtitles. Malaysia; 4 min.

The Magic Shoes (Directed by Sahand Nikoukar, 2014)

All Kamron, a nine-year-old Iranian immigrant, needs to fit in at his new school is a pair of Air Jordans. Just one problem — his parents won’t buy them. In English and Farsi with English subtitles. USA; 18 min.

I Am Aliya (Directed by Matic Carl, Martin Deisinger & Mojca Spik, 2016)

For Aliya, a Syrian refugee, life has gone still as she reflects on her experiences and her hopes.In English. Slovenia; 3 min.

A Year Without My Parents (Directed by Els van Driel, 2015)

When Tareq flees Syria, he leaves his family behind. In this emotionally involving documentary, he adjusts to his new life in the Netherlands and wonders about his choice. In Dutch, Arabic and English, with English subtitles. The Netherlands; 24 min.