[Busy But Good] Challenges

Part I Excerpt: And I thought, “What if this wasn’t just temporary? What if I slipped into a cycle of busy-ness and financial success that simply became…normal?”

I would be alone.

The Blank Page

With just two days to write and produce a concept (in addition to massive editing deadlines, a flight to Chicago, and a 10-hour shoot day), I did what you’d expect: I sat down to write a piece titled Busy But Good…and churned out total shit for about an hour.

Objectively this is not a lot of time, but in this tunnel-vision time crunch, the seconds passed like days.

And I started to panic. There just wasn’t enough time. I could always revisit the idea later right?

Plus, no one knew about the project but me — I could easily just say “It was too much,” and call it a day.

Instead, I called my friend Hunter to rope him in as the lead (and only) actor of the piece. I told him I didn’t have a full script yet, stumbled through a horrible pitch of the ‘concept’ (kind of hoping he’d say nothx)…and he said yes.

Shit just got real.

Things That Went Wrong (just for fun)

Instead of a massive paragraph going over everything that went wrong, here’s a short highlight reel:

  • ‘Thank-You’ book printed blurry from Kinko’s, had to reprint. No time to reprint.
  • Flowers (mission critical prop) failed to deliver, company citing ‘We didn’t know where to drop them at the hotel, so we left’. I guess ‘concierge’ was too far a stretch.
  • Start time of 12:00a pushed to 2:00a — with crew only on site until 4:00a.
  • Gigantic 80" TVs mounted on walls where I was planning to shoot — and did not fit the scene.

In The Can

Wrapping at 6:00a my mind raced with doubt about the story I was trying to tell.

I felt like I couldn’t remember half of what just happened.

That was about the time my Mom found me out on the balcony watching the sun rise over the city. We started talking — and small talk snowballed into a deep conversation about our hopes, fears and dreams. How she wants to write a children’s book one day. How I hope to have a family one day.

We only talked for about an hour, and while I wish I could say I remembered our conversation in vivid detail, what I really remember is the warm feeling of a true heart-to-heart. Of love. Of friendship.

To this day, it is one of my favorite memories together.

If only she know how much of what I had just filmed was inspired by my fear of the exact opposite.

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