“Run For Your Life” II of III | Part I: Inspiration, Part III: Purpose.

[Run For Your Life] Challenges

So when he shared with me that there was a time in his life he seriously contemplated suicide, I was shocked. Then mumbled something awkward.

And then I sat, and I listened.

Dare to Talk. Dare to Listen.

After listening to my friend, one thing stood out above everything else: I hadn’t seen any of his signs. And not because I didn’t care, or wasn’t observant — I simply didn’t know what to look for.

And that is the driving force that led me to create a film about Self-Harm.

I want to raise awareness of what Self-Harm is, and how connecting emotional pain with physical pain, no matter the medium, is a cry for help.

What Can 5 Minutes Do?

First: like most people, I am by no means an expert on self-harm, or how to handle different situations.

But it’s entirely within our control to learn.

Take 5 minutes, and give yourself the opportunity to help a friend:

If you have another resource that you’ve found useful, please add below in the comments.

Grow As a Person

Educating yourself on self-harm is an opportunity to grow as a person. To become aware of mental health issues. To understand and connect with another human being’s journey, and nurture relationships.

Give yourself the tools to help others, and yourself, be their best.

Thank you for taking the time to share in my story.

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