“Run For Your Life” I of III | Part II: Challenges, Part III: Purpose.

[Run For Your Life] Inspiration

Sometimes a story strikes a chord so strongly that you have no choice but to make it.

It started with a deep conversation about how we all struggle with certain things, and sometimes we struggle more than we let on. That social media encourages a picture perfect life that actually does a huge disservice to what we feel should be ‘normal’.

Take Facebook for example.

From newsfeeds, you’d think it was totally ‘normally’ to go to France, eat baguettes by the Eiffel Tower and post Instagram photos of some boutique wine cellar you found. Just an everyday thang.

Zero struggles, life is a party.

And then we talked about how we react when life is tough.

We Shy Away

What do we say? How do we react? Most of the time, myself included, we mumble something awkward (‘sorry about that’), get self-conscious about our response, and walk away.

It’s not that we don’t want to help — we just don’t know how.

So when he shared with me that there was a time in his life he seriously contemplated suicide, I was shocked. Then mumbled something awkward.

And then I sat, and I listened.

Thank you for taking the time to share in my story.

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