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December Projects of the Month — Announced!

It’s a pleasure to present the December “Projects of the month”, our monthly event dedicated exclusively to Filmarket Hub’s Full Access subscribers. Every month, we select four projects (two feature films and two fiction series) in English and Spanish and invite them to join our online marketplace

Without further ado, the selected projects are:

Best TV series project in English

In this sci-fi/comedy series, an ambitious woman, Jacquie is pulled away form her Chicago career goals to the small historical town of Galena, IL where sh is forced to take over an inherited B&B with a secret. There is a time hole in the B&B, that is part of the time Share franchise company. Through Tie Share, people from the future vacation to our present and Jacquie is their begrudging “Love Boat” captain.

Best feature film project in English

Stranded en route to his hometown, a notorious member of a famous boy band is rescued by a working-class woman that has no clue of his reputation. Longing for a ‘normal” lifestyle, he imposes himself on her and her six-year-old son’s tranquil life.

Best TV series project in Spanish

Juanan, is a lawyer who runs a law firm in Torrejón de Ardoz. In each case, he will question his morals, trying to forget the trauma of his past. Series based on real cases mixed with fiction.

Best feature film project in Spanish

GUADALUPE (25) is a young Catholic from a good family who tries to live her sexuality freely and without guilt. Expelled from her job as a catechist in a religious school, she is captured by a trafficking network that forces her into prostitution in the jungle. In addition to the violence, pregnancy and abuse of her body, Guadalupe must face religious hallucinations that seek to terrify her until she accepts her consecration to God in body and soul. Taking her robes is the only way she can find to do her penance.

Many thanks to all the participants and congratulations to the chosen projects!

We would like to remind you that every month, your script has the opportunity to be a Project of the Month! Discover all the benefits that Full Access can offer you, including discounts on our Script Analysis services and submission of multiple projects to all our calls, at no extra cost!



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