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Filmarket Hub’s 2020 TV Pilot Contest WINNER!

After careful consideration from the jury, we are delighted to announce the WINNER of our TV Pilot 2020 Screenwriting Contest!

Written by Dee Chilton (United Kingdom)

A career-driven Navy Police Special Investigations Branch Officer, assigned to lead a new team, is handed a ‘poisoned chalice’ case to close quickly and quietly, but this death isn’t as simple as everyone wants it to be.

The award includes a 1.000€ cash prize and the writer will be offered a place in the final selection of projects chosen to pitch at our UK Online Pitchbox on the 3 July, amongst other prizes and benefits!

We were honoured to have Sarah Williams (literary agent at Independent Talent Group), Karol Griffiths (development consultant & script editor) and Tara Cook (development producer at Carnival Films) on this year’s jury panel.

The shortlist of semi-finalists and finalists includes:


Written by Gavin McGibbon (New Zealand)

The Rhodes family must grapple with the fact that their long, lost, and believed dead father/husband, is suddenly back in their lives after being the sole survivor of a cult’s mass suicide.

Written by Simon Glass (United Kingdom)

A portrait of modern society in free-fall crisis, homecomings and new beginnings: Acacia Avenue, a once-cosy enclave of middle-class tranquillity is ripping apart at the seams: until a tattoo parlour empowers the residents to embrace their inner freaks, find the courage to fight another round and finally become who they were always meant to be.

All three finalists will have their scripts read by the competition’s partners; Gaumont Television, Neal Street Productions, NBCUniversal, Red Arrow Studios, and The Mediapro Studio, who will offer feedback.


Written by Ruairí O’Neill (Ireland)

A man with chronic insomnia discovers that brutal vigilante justice is the only thing that helps him sleep at night.

Written by Elisabeth Hayward (United States)

In 1990, Detective Asher solved the Moreton Murders. Thirty years later, Detective Asher discovers that she helped to convict the wrong person, when the real killer writes to Asher, finally confessing to the crime.

Written by Christopher Schiller (United States)

Similar to an historic period of the North American wild-west, VOX IN TENEBRIS begins at the crux that the instant communication of the telegraph brought to the wilderness with all its inherent complications of change and wrestling for control of the lawless, untamed outreaches.

The semi-finalists have secured the following awards:

Thank you to all of you who submitted your scripts and congratulations to these great stories!



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