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Filmarket Hub’s TV Pilot 2022 Screenwriting Contest FINALISTS

After careful consideration from the jury, we are delighted to announce the finalists of our 2022 English language TV Pilot Contest!

Stay tuned for the announcements of the winner (September 20th).

  • How to Assimilate an Astronaut
    Written by Bodhrán Mullan

Genre: Road Movie
Country: United Kingdom

Logline: After two underestimated and disabled teenagers discover a comet, they run away on a road trip to meet their astronomer hero before their overbearing carers catch up.

  • Private Investigations
    Written by Brendan O’Connell

Genre: Dark Comedy, Crime
Country: Ireland
Number of episodes and minutes per episode: 6 x 60 mins

Logline: When a terrified woman finds her husband murdered, her quest for justice is thwarted at every turn by a dystopian privatised criminal justice system.

  • Promises to Mum
    Written by Olugbeminiyi Bammodu

Genre: Drama
Country: United Kingdom
Number of episodes and minutes per episode: 8 x 45 mins

Logline: When his mum passes away, Michael struggles to honour the promises he made to her on her deathbed.

We were honoured to have James Capel, Screenwriter and Founder of UK Scribe Lounge; Josie Cyrus, Development Manager at The Ink Factory; and Aadip Desai, Screenwriter and Marketing Consultant at Roadmap Writers on this year’s jury panel.

Many thanks to all who submitted scripts and congratulations to all involved!



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