How to sell your screenplay on Filmarket Hub — Part Five: More external validation

Last week we focused on screenwriting contests, but those aren’t the only way you can gain recognition and exposure for your films. In this post, we’ll be looking at other, less obvious ways through which you can validate your work.

Anyone that reads your script can help!

Here’s an example: you’ve gotten your Master’s degree in screenwriting, and your script was overseen by a renowned script doctor. Or perhaps you hired a professional script analysis service, such as the ones offered by Filmarket Hub. Or maybe your film has been through a screenwriting lab. All of these options offer great ways to improve the quality of your script, but they can also give you some visibility and prestige. A well-known example is the Sundance Screenwriters Lab, organized by the Sundance Film Institute, which ranks amongst the world’s most well-known screenwriting labs.

Teamwork and cooperation can be great for your script!

The European MEDIA program, in addition to providing grants towards film development, also organizes screenwriting labs such as the SeriesLab Brussels, for TV series. And in Latin America, there’s IMCINE’s (Mexico) Mercado, Industria, Cine y Audiovisual (MICA), as well as many others that you can find in the same calendar we shared in our previous post.

Your script already has some financing

If you’ve already raised part of your film’s budget, share that information! Whether it’s a national, local or European grant, the fact that they’ve chosen to believe in your project is already a great source of validation. For example, ICAA, MEDIA, DAMA and CIMA Mentoring are available to Spanish and European screenwriters, while some international nonprofits like Film Independent Fiscal Sponsorship Program also exist.

Every last bit of support matters

Even if they aren’t coming from industry professionals or with financial support, all endorsements can be helpful. For example, if your film deals with an issue that’s currently a social hot topic, you might want to ask some social foundations or organizations.

In the end, any external source of validation will help you become more visible and trustworthy. A producer will always be more interested in a project that’s already been endorsed many times. Every development, every person backing your script, can make it much more attractive!