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It’s a pleasure to present the January “Projects of the month”, our monthly event dedicated exclusively to Filmarket Hub’s Full Access subscribers. Every month, we select four projects (two feature films and two fiction series) in English and Spanish and invite them to join our online marketplace

Without further ado, the selected projects are:

Best TV series project in English

Created and written by Rich Figel
United States of America
5 episodes of 60 minutes minutes

Bio-pic drama/comedy set in 1850s to 1870s. Season 1 spans 10 years between James being kicked out of West Point, where his father was friends with future Confederate General Robert E. Lee, to when Anna joins her struggling artist son in London to escape the Civil War, and winds up posing for him when his model fails to show up.

In scope, it’s similar to the Masterpiece Theater series on Queen Victoria or National Geographic “Genius” Picasso series. Except it’s much funnier. Scenes and plot twists are fictional, yet plausible because much of the dialog and events in WHISTLER’S MOTHER & MISTRESSES are based on their personal letters and my research on them — as well as the famous artists, scandalous characters, and colorful women who became his models, mistresses and business managers.

Best feature film project in English

Written by Guy Ducker
Sci-Fi · Thriller
United Kingdom

Republic of Scotland, 2045. Climate collapse.

An engineer on the run from government agents and mob justice takes refuge on a remote Scottish island. There he seeks redemption by trying to save the islanders’ home from the rising sea, while hoping that no one will discover the guilt he bears for the fate of the planet.

Meet the selected projects in Spanish here.

Many thanks to all the participants and congratulations to the chosen projects!



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