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November Projects of the Month — Announced!

It’s a pleasure to present the November “Projects of the month”, our monthly event dedicated exclusively to Filmarket Hub’s Full Access subscribers. Every month, we select four projects (two feature films and two fiction series) in English and Spanish and invite them to join our online marketplace

Without further ado, the selected projects are:

Best TV series project in English

Created and written by Michael Aaron Kane
War · Biopic · Drama
8 episodes of 60 minutes

After defeating an invading army, Ancient Greece is a fragile world. Spartan war hero Arim is ordered to go on a suicidal mission: assassinating a vocal leader that challenges Spartan hegemony in the upstart city of Athens. Meanwhile, Arim’s wife Adoni is recruited by the Queen of Sparta in a scheme against the newly-crowned Spartan King, a maniacal tyrant. While Adoni is drawn deeper into this mission, Arim wrestles with his own allegiances as he finds a sense of belonging in Athens that he never experienced at home. Adoni’s mission is upended when she discovers it was the Queen who ordered Arim to Athens, presumably to his death. Another Spartan soldier arrives to ensure Arim completes his mission, but Arim pulls a ruse and kills his fellow Spartan, setting the cities on a deadly collision course.

Best feature film project in English

Written by Ronnan O’Sullivan

The United States government introduced the J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa Program in order to strengthen relations between the US and other countries. Thousands of Irish students made use of this opportunity in the 80s and 90s, and worked in the USA for a few months. Montauk, New York, a formerly quaint fishing town, was a prime destination for many of those travelers.

This is the story of two immigrants, Ronan and Dermot, who found themselves at the end of Long Island, New York State. Based on a true story, the boys open a taxi-cab company to survive. Judas’ Chariots describes their adventures, loves and lost opportunities. The script is a unique metaphor, a microcosm of the United States in the 90s, depicted in all its pain and glory.

Best TV series project in Spanish

Created and written by Juana Pineda
8 episodes x 40 minutes

What begins as the dream of touring Latin America by land ends up being Malena’s hell. Hitchhiking in Puebla, Malena and her friend Coco are kidnapped, raped, separated and later sold as sex slaves. Malena will be the victim of brutal mistreatment by pimps, drug dealers, and torturers until she manages to escape. From that moment on, Malena will seek revenge — not only on her captors, but also on the unpunished murderers who daily end the lives of women in Mexico.

Best feature film project in Spanish

Written by Raúl Mancilla and Rosa Cabrera
Adventures · Drama · Road movie

Micaela is a teenager, who like so many others is hit by the misery, hunger and absences left by the Civil War throughout Spain. She must make a clandestine journey on foot from her town, Casares, to La Línea de la Concepción to illegally obtain penicillin to save the life of her sick mother. This will be a journey of hostile terrain and terrifying encounters with civil guards, ‘maquis’, assailants, and smugglers. She will travel accompanied by ‘La Vinagra’ and ‘La Retinta’ — two experienced ‘recoveras’ who are forced to sell to the black market in order to support their families. It is with this pair that Micaela will learn to make her way and survive with dignity.

Many thanks to all the participants and congratulations to the chosen projects!

We would like to remind you that every month, your script has the opportunity to be a Project of the Month! Discover all the benefits that Full Access can offer you, including discounts on our Script Analysis services and submission of multiple projects to all our calls, at no extra cost!



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