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October Projects of the Month — Announced!

It’s a pleasure to present the October “Projects of the month”, our monthly event dedicated exclusively to Filmarket Hub Full Access subscribers. Every month, we select four projects (two feature films and two fiction series) in English and Spanish to invite them to our online marketplace.

Without further ado, the selected projects are:

Best TV series project in English language

After her New Year’s Eve plan to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge is derailed, a female dentist ironically finds herself answering suicide hotline calls, discovering her hopeless spirit connects with callers who are fed up with optimistic clichés.

Best feature film project in English language

A rugged island sits isolated from a world devastated by a highly contagious virus. AUDREY and ETHAN inhabit this sanctuary existing only through great ingenuity, guts and stamina.

As a boat approaches, Ethan is forced to shoot and kill two people, clearly infected with the Ebola like virus. Wearing HASMAT suits, they clean up the bodies and sink the sailboat out at sea, the psychological effect of which hit them hard. It is an unrelenting existence confined on the small landmass.

When they receive a distress call from a child Ethan sails to the mainland to help but it is a trick by a group of ex-military pirates who leave Ethan stranded while they lay siege to the island. While Ethan finds a way home Audrey must defend their home by any means necessary.

Best TV series project in Spanish language

LUZ SOLER (47), a former cocaine addict real estate agent, is running for the position of sales director of the company she works for. When she discovers that the promotion is actually a prank arranged by her younger workmates, she reports it to the personnel director. The dismissal of an innocent woman will unleash a dirty war in the real estate company, in which Luz will have to fight against her colleagues, but above all against herself, so she doesn’t lose joint custody of her daughters, her job, and her life…

Best feature film project in Spanish language

A powerful member of the government chooses to exterminate 95% of the world’s population in order to restore the good life that once existed. April Fraile is caught up in the global purge. The government owns the survivors, but the dead make up 95% of the population. She belongs to the dead. April has no choice but to kill or be killed.

Many thanks to all the participants and congratulations to the chosen projects!

We would like to remind you that every month, your script has the opportunity to be a Project of the Month! Discover all the benefits that Full Access can offer you, including discounts on our Script Analysis services and presentation of multiple projects to all our calls, at no extra cost!



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