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3 years and counting!

Today is a special day, because 3 years ago today Filo was officially born as a Discord bot.

2021 and part of 2022 have been quite hard years in the development of Filo, since a number of features added by Discord have been carried out and, in addition, some limitations…

We are currently happy with the current result of Filo and, although we are continually working on small rewrites of old code, the current state of Filo is still a success for us.

Several months ago we announced the third and final rework of Filo’s commands (we hope so), in which we make the experience with Filo’s Slash Commands easier, add support for a multitude of new Discord features, and everything goes smoothly. stern, but it’s not all good news.

Due to some recently implemented features and other features ready to be released in these weeks/months, we are waiting for them to be released before the rework is finished. Some of these features are: forms/modals and role, channel and user selection menus.


Although it is true, this feature has been released several months ago, but our library (discord.js) has not yet released the patch in which they add support for this feature.

We have several conceptual ideas on how to implement this type of interactions in Filo and, I can only say that they will look really good and will give a lot of play.

As a preview, our idea is to improve some of the modules that we currently have in Filo with these forms.

Role, channel and user selection menus

This feature has not yet been released by Discord and will allow us bot developers to send role, channel and user selection menus (not necessarily of these three items, it can be just one of these).

Our idea is to implement this type of menus in the setup command, to facilitate the configuration of various components of it, components such as: module exceptions (channels, roles) and configuration of specific modules (welcome, reports, etc.).

The release of this feature is postponing the end date of the command rework.

Setup command?

Oh yeah… the last time we officially announced a Filo patch was on February 27th this year, however, to date, we’ve been pushing hundreds of patches a week, fixing minor bugs and improving the bot experience little by little. bit.

Why hasn’t anything been announced since the date?

Due to the instability of the patches. Most of the patches fixed internal systems and, in most situations, were experimental patches and tests that could have a positive or negative effect.

Several weeks ago we introduced a new command, the setup command. The setup command is the successor to all the commands in the Settings category, and we are gradually expanding the capabilities of this command so that you can configure Filo from a centralized and easy-to-use point.

Of course, by creating this command, the current Wiki becomes obsolete, that’s why we are working hard on remodeling the articles, but, they’ll not be officially public until the command has been finalized.

Sneak peek of the new version of the Wiki

But don’t worry, starting from this blog article, we will announce all the patches.

Changes in our objectives and rewrite of the website

Our goal when we created Filo was clear: “Design a Discord bot that has all the features that could be needed in a Discord server.”
Today we continue to fulfill our goal little by little, but today we want to add one more part to our goal: “… Specializing in the server administration and moderation sections.”

This brings us to the following: rewrite of the website.

We have redesigned the main marketing sections of our main website and have also made some improvements that make other Filo related services consistent.

Mainly we have redesigned the rendering and construction engine of our website, making work environments moved by GitHub compatible.

Another important aspect that we have covered in this rewrite is how the cache is stored, for how long and how we can avoid a cache poisoning.

Oh, let’s not forget about the new website translation system. Say goodbye to redirects when you access our website. Now to get a translated page in your language, all you have to do is access the website and that’s it.

We are also promoting the use of Crowdin to integrate the translations of our services and, for now, it is a resounding success.

Another important aspect of this new translation management system is the easy integration with other Filo-related services, such as the Filo error page, status page, statistics page, etc.

Now you can see the errors in Vietnamese if you want!

Image from page 404 translated into Vietnamese

Most improvements focus mainly on internal systems and how we deploy the web environment. You can now expect faster and more effective fixes.

To close this article, I want to thank everyone who uses Filo for these magnificent 3 years of happiness. Creating Filo has not only been my hobbies, it is my pride and motivation to grow in this world of programming and technology.

Thank you.




Filo is a powerful multipurpose Discord bot. Customizable, multiple languages, report, logging, welcome and farewells, member counter, anti-invites, auto-mod, anti-evasion. +190 commands.

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