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Attention FinanceX Community! Watch Out For Scammers!

On the evening of October 20, 2018, FinanceX exchange received notice that our Facebook account had been copied in an attempt to bring incorrect information to the cryptocommunity in Vietnam and the rest of the world.

A mock fanpage on Facebook announced a partnership between FinanceX and the Bank of Asia and launched a very attractive airdrop program:

Don’t trust any post giving out wallet addresses

"We are very Excited to Announce our Partnership deal with Bank of Asia. Due to this we will Airdrop 5,000,000 of our token and to partake in this 5 million token Airdrop and to verify your address send 0.5 — 1 ETH to the address below and you will receive immediately 40,000–80,000 of our token from us! This offer wil last 48 hours. ETH Address: 0x8e3B3 .... "

FinanceX would like to confirm that this is completely FALSE. Bank of Asia is a major Asian bank with which we are in contact and have separate negotiations; in regards to the Airdrop, FinanceX also did not issue a notice regarding free gift giving to users as well as requesting money in the wallet at the address of the post.

From the above, FinanceX recommends customers of our exchange be extremely careful with the information given on social media and our communications channels in particular. Be careful in the crypto community in general. Always ask questions and check whether the information sources are reliable. Here are some tips to help customers prevent fraud:

Fake accounts use the same display name to comment on our official account

UPDATE, OCTOBER 23: A fraudulent email was sent to the entire bulletin board community of FinanceX with the message that the Bounty program has ended and all members need to provide private information including wallet addresses.

If the email address does not end in, don’t trust it

FinanceX confirms this is completely false information from those who want to impersonate and warns the community not to take any action directed by the email.

How to prevent fraudsters impersonating FinanceX

  1. Get official information from official FinanceX channels below:

FinanceX ICO:
FinanceX Website:
FinanceX Labs:
Facebook FinanceX ICO:
Facebook FinanceX Vietnamese:
Telegram FinanceX ICO:
Telegram FinanceX Vietnam:

2. We always support all investors, people in the community with transaction issues, buying FNX tokens... completely FREE. FinanceX NEVER asks for a fee to get support. So when any "admin" asks you to send a fee by ETH, BTC ... and post public address, you should be very careful.

3. NOTICE when joining channels on Telegram…

Admins of FinanceX will have "admin" in each message they post in the top-right of the message. The bad guys often impersonate us by changing the name so that they are similar to the real admin. For example, "FinanceX and Financex" or "Carl Davies and Carl Davles" ... When you receive a private message from someone who claims to be an admin, you need to double-check that this person is an admin on the community channel.

Real admin will have “admin” in the top-right corner of the message

4. Note when receiving emails: FinanceX official emails have the @ extension, for example All emails with a different extension or individual email are not to be trusted.

Wishing you a great experience with FinanceX


Don’t forget to grab FNX tokens before the Presale ends!

FinanceX has already published more than 40 articles so visit our Medium publication by clicking the link below to find more about us!!!

For more information on the FinanceX project:

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FinanceX is a cryptocurrency exchange providing users with a convenient, reliable and secure platform with a specific focus on providing fiat-coin trading pairs

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FinanceX is a cryptocurrency exchange providing users with a convenient, reliable and secure platform with a specific focus on providing fiat-coin trading pairs

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