Blockchain Technology in the 4th Industrial Revolution — 28th of September, Indonesia

FinanceX has landed in Indonesia, the second stop on the roadmap. The trip will include meetings with partners and investors as FinanceX expands the brand and markets.

These are important steps towards establishing more cryptoexchanges in the region creating an interexchange network. Isn’t it refreshing to see an ICO following its roadmap? :)

FinanceX is extremely excited about the main highlight of the trip:

On September 28th, FinanceX hosts “Blockchain Technology in the 4th Industrial Revolution,” an event at President University in Jababeka Education Park, Kota Jababeka.

Event details:

Location: President University
Date: Friday, 28th of September
Duration: about 1.5 hours (10 AM — 11.30 AM)
Number of guests: 150

The audience demographic will include students (IT, IS, Entrepreneurship), Lecturers, company representatives, and VIP’s accomodating Rector of President University, Dr. Jony Haryanto and Intrex Chairman Mr. Syawalman.

FinanceX CEO, Peter Dinh and CTO, Henry Ng, former scholarship students of President University, will discuss how blockchain can be applied to Education & other industries.

Also on the agenda are possibilities of implementation in Kota Jababeka, the largest industrial estate in Southeast Asia located 35km east of the Jakarta city center.

The presentation will be followed by Q&A’s and a major announcement!

President University was founded by Mr. Darmono, one of Indonesia’s most successful men. Mr. Darmono is the founder and Chairman of PT Jababeka Group, developers of Kota Jababeka.

Sharing blockchain knowledge is essential for innovative progress in what has already become a revolution. FinanceX wants to be a shining light in blockchain education, development and application.

For more information on the FinanceX project:

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