FinanceX Event Great Success in Indonesia

FinanceX Founding team before G time at President University (PU)

Yesterday morning, September 28th, “Blockchain Technology in the 4th Industrial Revolution” event hosted by FinanceX and President University was successfully presented.

Event Details with students at Auditorium:

Students and VIP guests in Auditorium at PU

The audience included over 100 students, 15 lecturers and VIP guests: Rector of PU Dr. Jony Haryanto, IntrEx Chairman Mr. Sywalman, IntrEx CFO Mr. Erwin S, PU Executive Manager Tabina Anna, PU Executive Marketing Manager Meikarta, Production Head of ASTRA Mr. Ir. Darwin Marpaung.

FinanceX Founding team and VIP guests at the event

Trend Of Technology from 2018–2023 was mentioned by FinanceX CEO Peter Dinh:

“Technology can be compared to the ever-expanding property of the cosmos. Its inexorable strides are impossible to reverse. Innovations that go out with the ark make room for newer ones, and 2013 was no exception. Now, let’s step into the shoes of a tech seer and try to visualize the advanced technological trends that are going to have ramifications on a planetary scale in the near future.”
Rector of PU Dr. Jony Haryanto is delivering speech

Dr. Jony shared his wishes to develop and implement blockchain applications to create a Blockchain Foundation and build community adoption of blockchain technologies and produce breakthrough products.

Panel Discussion with VIP guests

Peter Dinh is speaking at Panel Discussion at President Executive Club in PU

The Panel Discussion was about “How Blockchain is helping smart cities become more transparent.”

Blockchain has thousands of stand out differences from previous technology foundations: reliable registry of local businesses, a virtual “storefront” for every business, payments and money transfers, smart contracts, supply chain communications/proof-of-provenance and distributed cloud storage.

Incorporating blockchain into the development of smart cities will make it possible to have a cross-cutting platform that connects the cities’ different services, adding greater transparency and security to all processes.

Memorandum of Understanding with President University to establish FinanceX Labs

The highlight of the event was the signed MoU between President University and FinanceX Labs to establish a Blockchain Research Laboratory.

FinanceX Labs focuses on compliant solutions across industries and an initiative to incubate, invest, and empower blockchain, cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, projects, and communities…

For more details about FinanceX Labs, click here.

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