FinanceX On Southeast Asia Tour

The FinanceX BOD’s will be airborne on September 23 beginning what will be a 12 day blockchain tour of Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

The trip will include meetings with partners and investors as FinanceX expands the brand and markets. These are important steps towards establishing more cryptoexchanges in the region starting in Indonesia later this year.

FinanceX has a vision to create an interexchange network between countries each using their local currency to trade cryptocurrencies. This will be the first of many tours on the journey to going global.

Also included on the tour is an event at President University, Indonesia, hosted by FinanceX.

FinanceX is pleased to announce “Blockchain Technology in the 4th Industrial Revolution” event at President University, Indonesia on September 28.

The event will discuss the emergence of blockchain technology and the possibilities of implementation in Kota Jababeka, the largest industrial estate in Southeast Asia located 35km east of the Jakarta city center.

President University was founded by SD Darmono, one of Indonesia’s most successful men. Mr. Darmono is the founder and Chairman of PT Jababeka Group.

Founded in 1989, President University was the first international university in Indonesia. FinanceX CEO, Peter Dinh, and CTO, Henry Ng, attended President University on scholarships and still occassionally converse and meet with Mr. Darmono.

The trip starts in Ho Chi Minh City before arriving in Jakarta, close to Kota Jababeka where the big event will take place on September 28. The BOD’s will also visit Kuala Lumpur and Singapore in the days following.

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