FinanceX — Progress Report: Week One

What a week it’s been!

A week has passed since FinanceX launched a real-time, automatic trading platform in Vietnam, and the response has been extremely positive. You can view our trading website here.

As we near the conclusion of the week, FinanceX boasts well over 5000 registered users.

The first 3000 registered accounts received 1000 FNX tokens, and those accounts with milestone registration numbers were credited 5000–20000 tokens.

The good news is FinanceX will offer another Airdrop Program next week! Those of you who discovered us a little late have an opportunity to stash thousands of FNX tokens which will rapidly increase in value post our October ICO.

Contrary to most ICO’s which are pitched on an idea and struggle to get their token listed, FinanceX is already a successfully operating product where we can list our FNX token to aid in creating high liquidity for traders.

It’s a guaranteed success!

FinanceX recently reached the targeted Private Sale softcap with over one month left before the beginning of our ICO.

We’re experiencing a significant amount of interest from venture capital groups, and we are immensely confident of additional major investors jumping on board in the near future.

To find out more about our project here.

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