FNX Token — Creating A New Market

The FinanceX team are extremely excited about the impending release of FNX token, the official token of FinanceX exchange.

But what’s FinanceX?

FinanceX is a real-time automatic cryptotrading platform supporting fiat-to-coin and coin-to-fiat trading pairs. FNX is the official token of FinanceX exchange.

Developed on the basis of the standard ERC 20 Ethereum blockchain, FNX builds on the global fiat money platform, becoming the next generation of pre-encrypted trading platforms.

Upon release in January, FinanceX will use FNX to buy other digital assets in a cost-effective, fast, and secure manner. These adjectives are already used to describe the FinanceX exchange.

In creating FNX token, FinanceX have also created a new market. FNX will be traded with any supported fiat, as well as any coin listed on the FinanceX exchange.

The FinanceX roadmap contains plans to create an interexchange network between countries starting in Southeast Asia prior to expansion to the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

Plans are already underway with the August 20 launch of FinanceX exchange in Vietnam, in conjunction with imminent exchanges in Indonesia (November, 2018), Thailand and the Philippines (February, 2019).

With each new exchange comes a new market for FNX token highly favoring an increasing valuation.

FNX Info

· Project Name: FinanceX
· Token code: FNX
· Headquarters: Bugis Cube, Singapore
· Foundation: Blockchain Ethereum ERC-20 standard
· Total token: 900,000,000 FNX
· Trading pairs: All coins and all fiats on the FinanceX exchange

FNX Benefits

50% off trading fees for 6 months, 25% for the following 6 months
Because of the Constant exposure to new markets, FNX take advantages of raising in value when it’s listed on every FinanceX exchanges following our roadmap.

For more information on the FinanceX project:

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