How To Buy FNX Tokens — FinanceX ICO

This is a short tutorial on how to buy FNX tokens. FinanceX is currently in the Presale stage so get in quick to stock up on FNX before they sell out!

FinanceX recommends that you register early because many popular ICO’s have experienced an overload closing registrations early.

Step 1: Click here:

On the new page, click “LOGIN”

Step 2: Click “Click here to register” on the registration page

Step 3: Fill in the required fields to register
- Your Name: Enter your full name
- Username: Choose a display name
- Email: Enter your email address
- Password: Enter a strong password
- Confirm Password: Re-enter the password above

Then Click “Signup”

Step 4: Verify your account

An email verification code will be sent to you, enter the email code where it says "Enter Verification Code" and press Verify. After entering the code, the screen will show that you have successfully verified.

The registration is complete. Now, you can login to your account.

How to buy FNX tokens

If you want to buy tokens, you need Bitcoin or Ethereum in your wallet (if you don’t have BTC or ETH, you can go to FinanceX exchange to purchase). FinanceX exchange link:

To transfer BTC or ETH you do the following:

Step 1: Click Deposit => Press Select to select the currency you want to trade (Bitcoin or Ethereum)

Step 2: Enter the amount of BTC or ETH you want to trade => Get wallet address => Press Deposit => Transfer funds from the exchange / application / account to wallet.

Step 3: Buy FNX

After proceeding to the account, you can purchase FNX token in the following sequence:

Buy Token => Enter the amount of BTC corresponding to the number of FNX desired=> Press Select

Your FNX purchase is now complete!

FinanceX has already published more than 40 articles so visit our Medium publication by clicking the link below to find more about us!!!

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