Much More Than Your Regular Dating App — Why You Need DTE token!

Once frowned-upon, dating apps are now an accepted and even popular part of modern dating culture. DatEat presents the most modern version of the growing phenomenon introducing blockchain for a faster and smarter experience. Fresh off a notably successful ICO, DatEat and DTE token are set to take the dating world by storm! The Southeast Asian population spend more time on their mobiles than their American and European counterparts making it the perfect place to launch DatEat Live.

But that’s not all they do! DatEat are developing three other major platforms squashing any talk that they’re a one trick pony. DatEat Club presents a different type of socializing platform designed for groups and communities to plan parties and events. DatEat Premium is an information sharing platform where experts in their fields, or “Mentors”, answer questions and can upload videos educating the “Mentees” in the community. And number four, DeFound, using NGOs and NPOs to help people need.

Now that you know a little more about DatEat, let’s find out why DTE is a must have token for crypto profit seekers!

Potential for increasing value

The reception and subsequent response from investors was incredible! DatEat raced to their softcap before eventually raising more than $15 million. This demonstrated enormous trust in the team and product as investors visualize DatEat as the world’s premier dating app. A few early investors may decide to sell early and take the initial profit when listed, but the confidence shown in the large fundraising effort suggests investors are likely to hold and watch their DTE investment build. DatEat will be desirable to a massive-sized market meaning you may regret selling early!

Use attractive services

DatEat’s exquisite mobile application user interface

Four major platforms, beautifully designed and well marketed, with an almost endless user base. DatEat Live, with voucher and deal offers, is like no other dating app. It actually encourages people to go out and meet in real life. As mentioned above, DatEat Live is just one of four platforms DatEat present. To use those applications, users need DTE points at a fixed price of $0.1 per point. Switching from DTE tokens to DTE points is simple with the built-in system on the app. These points can be exchanged for DatEat offers, vouchers, merchandise and other services. Anyone can create an account on DatEat Live, DatEat Premium, DatEat Club, and DeFound, and everyone will be using them!

Listing on a world-class exchange supporting local currency

Although the ICO has finished and the cheapest prices for DTE have been and gone, DTE token potential suggests the neccessity to purchase tokens quickly upon listing! But where will DTE be listed? The DatEat token will find a home on the FinanceX exchange in the very near future. This is welcome news to DTE investors as most are from Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia.

FinanceX is a real-time automatic trading platform providing customers with the ability to buy cryptocurrency with their local currency. The world-class exchange launched in Vietnam in August experienced great initial registration numbers, and will launch a second in Indonesia this month. In 2019, FinanceX will occupy and serve eight Southeast Asian countries supporting the local currency in each giving customers easy access to the market, an uncommon luxury in the crypto world.

The creation of this interexchange network will constantly expose DTE, and FinanceX’s own FNX token, to new markets and new investors on a regular basis. DatEat will have a greater ability to expand because of this. DTE holders will be able to buy and sell the token directly from their local currency without the necessity of buying BTC or ETH first!


Represented by a trusted and ambitious team, DTE token will be a hot token at the end of 2018, and well in to 2019. Listing on a high quality and quickly expanding exchange supporting local currency will give DTE the best chance to catapult its way up the coin list for total market cap!

Stay tuned for upcoming annoucements about our partners to be, DatEat!


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