Share FinanceX app to receive 100,000 VND

To celebrate the launching of FinanceX app, we would like to send to our investors a promotion to mark this special milestone.

  • Time: Starting at 15:00 (UTC +7) on 30/01/2019
  • Note for the customers who have registered their accounts before 30/01/2019:

When downloading FinanceX app on Google Play here, log in and enter the “FNXAPP” code, the investor will receive 999 FNX (equivalent to 100,000 VND) to the promotional wallet on FinanceX exchange.

  • Promotion program when sharing app (applies to all customers):

Referrers and the refered will both receive 999FNX (equivalent to 100,000 VND) to the promotional wallet when the refered person registers the account according to the referral link of the referrer and has at least 1 successful transaction with FNX Token.

*** Note: The property on the promotional wallet will be used to reduce the transaction fee of customers.

Other rule
- All program rules are set by FinanceX and have the right to change to be appropriate and fair to users.
- The referred person only receives bonus when registering via referral link and has at least 1 transaction with FNX token successfully.
- Asset on FinanceX’s promotional wallet will be used to reduce customer transaction fees and be used in subsequent programs.

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