Want To Retire At 40? 5 Investment Options To Get You There

Imagine. You’re laying on a warm beach. You’re being served the ice cold beverage of your choice. Money is flowing in to the bank and worries don’t exist…

Okay. The clichéd early retirement plan might get ‘old’ quickly. Can you actually imagine doing that for longer than two weeks at a time? Regardless, having enough money to pursuit your interests and never having to work again is the ideal situation we would all like to find ourselves in.

Revenue is a concept not common to everyone. In short, this is cash flow, income streams that require very little attention. Initially involving focus, energy, time, and money once intelligently set-up, the money flows into your pocket on a regular basis.

For professional investors, earning income and financial freedom frees up their future time, supports their family, and leads to an early retirement, if that is what one desires. Dip in to the text below to discover the best investment options for passive income in the future.

1) Real estate

Despite the ups and downs of the market for many years, real estate has always been an attractive option for investors. The current popularity and price rises are based on the rapid increase in population and urban development. Unfortunately, land area is fixed so obviously this will increase prices. This is an area where investors can increase profits by using financial leverage from banks rather than using their own funds. In addition, investment in housing is quite safe with high liquidity making this form of investment attractive and the demand of which always exists.

2) Securities

Prior to 2008, the time of the world economic crisis, investment in the stock market was a very attractive field. However, in recent years the stocks are no longer for the dreamer. Investors should carefully study market information, charts, financial reports ... before choosing to sell / buy. The rate of return is around 10-15% per month with many risks forcing many investors to explore other options.

3) Interest-based personal loans

It’s a strange choice for investment but as you move higher up the classes, it’s a surprisingly popular investment. This form of investing requires little research, just some initial capital, some not so well-off friends, and a contract. With any decent sized loan, you must charge interest, for example, 0.5 - 1% per month. The risk involved in this is perhaps the greatest of the five options, and you may lose some friends prior to the court battles that follow. Choose your borrowers carefully!

4) Forex

Forex is an acronym for Foreign Exchange. As its name suggests, Forex is the focus market for global currency exchanges. This form of investment has been really well known for more than a year or so. Forex trading is attractive to knowledgable investors because of the ability to make significant profits, sometimes 10–30% per year. You don’t have to start with a lot of capital as leverage trading options are available, but leverage trading is risky! You have to know what you’re doing before attempting as losses can come just as quickly as profits.

5) Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin really hit the news in late 2017 when it shot up to almost $20,000 per coin. The already diehard Bitcoin fans were more educated and invested early. The media coverage during the rise encouraged many less in-the-know enthusiasts keen to make a quick buck creating an even more rapid rise and creating a bubble that had to pop. The survivors are still waiting for a revival in the market but professional investors find ways to profit off the extremely volatile market, even in a bear market. Now there are thousands of coins, most of them worthless but those who do their research have every opportunity to double or more their money very quickly.

Whichever avenue you explore on the journey to an early retirement, do your research and just when you think you’re ready to invest, do more research. It’s best to be patient and do your due diligence before making a potentially life changing investment!


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