What Is DatEat? — Future FinanceX Partner

Fresh off a new partnership with Silkroad Eight, FinanceX is preparing for another. DatEat and their DTE token will appear on the FinanceX exchange very soon! Stay tuned for some important announcements that will majorly benefit FinanceX customers!

This article introduces DatEat to the FinanceX community with the purpose of educating on a potential investment opportunity.

What is DatEat?

❤️DatEat is a decentralized blockchain dating platform that is set to replace many popular existing dating companies and revolutionize the industry.❤️

With the integration of blockchain into the mobile app dating, Dateat plans to help people find their perfect match. But that’s not all they do!

DatEat has created its own ecosystem with four major platforms:

DatEat Live: A dating app (available on the Appstore) to help young people meet, recommend places to have fun, entertainment.
DatEat Club: An environment for community groups.
DatEat Premium: A knowledge sharing application.
DeFound: An environment helping support people in need.

DatEat connect people to a wide range of goods and services

Based on the DatEat Whitepaper, we can summarize a few points:

The social blockchain platform uses technology, cryptocurrency and AI.
They create a smart, transparent, and secure environment .
DatEat helps connect individuals, organizations, professionals and services around the world.

Why create DTE token?

DTE token is designed to be used for customers who use one or more of the DatEat platforms to experience the best features. Capital put in to DTE token will help to swiftly develop current and future DatEat platforms. The token is the first of its kind breaking in to a number of enormous industries present in every country in the world. The ceiling is too high to see. DTE token can also be used in exchange for vouchers.

Will the DTE price increase when listed?

There are two main reasons we offer to help investors strengthen their beliefs. DatEat was an extremely popular ICO that reached the softcap after the first two rounds raising a total of ~$18 million up to this date. The market in which they seek is broad and giant and this team knows Southeast Asia. This region has a huge population base rapidly embracing technology, especially on mobile.

The second is the actuality of the project, and of the applications that DatEat has created. This is a great product of high quality that solve many human problems in society. The targeted users are also diverse as the four platforms offer four different but sort-after services. Thus, the demand for DTE token is likely to be high driving the value up.

Where to buy DTE?

As mentioned above, DatEat's ICO cycles have officially ended so unfortunately you may have missed out on the best price! But investors are not worried too much because the opportunity remains for those who know and want to embrace it.

FinanceX exchange user-friendly interface

FinanceX exchange, a real-time automatic cryptotrading platform supporting VND, will be the first partner of DatEat to list DTE token. This will be a great opportunity for traders, investors to own this token of great potential. FinanceX will be the bridge that will help investors reach DTE easily with the creation of an interexchange network between Southeast Asian countries supporting local currencies. Register you account on FinanceX exchange now in anticipation!

Stay tuned for upcoming annoucements with our partners to be, DatEat!


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