Withdrawal Limits On Vietnamese Crypto Exchanges

In Vietnam, cryptocurrency is most often bought through popular local banks such as Vietcombank, Techcombank, BIDV etc. Keen investors with a thirst for trading just transfer money from their bank account to the desired exchange in order to buy the coin they want. Ff you want to withdraw money, you just reverse the process. However, each exchange has a limit they decide on for security reasons. This article compares withdrawal limits of the most reputable crypto exchanges in Vietnam today.


FinanceX is a new crypto exchange in Vietnam. Following early success since launching in August 2018, the trading platform is in high demand opening in Indonesia in 2018 and six more Southeast Asian countries in 2019. In Vietnam, FinanceX has linked with most banks, providing flexibility to investors when depositing and withdrawing money at high speed.

There is no maximum deposit, and the maximum withdrawal is 300 million VND in 24 hours. FinanceX does not charge any deposit or withdrawal fees for coins or bank transfers, with the only fee coming from the bank.


Known for being the first platform in Vietnam, Remi is an intermediary that connects buyers and sellers, creating a secure transaction environment and finding the best price.

With Remitano, the deposit limit is relatively complex with three levels:

Grade 1 users: users who have been active for less than 1 month. The daily limit is 30 million VND.
Grade 2 users: users who have been active for more than 1 months and a total trading volume of over VND 1 billion. The daily limit is 50 million VND.
Grade 3 users: users who have been active for more than 1 month, and a total trading volume of more than 10 billion VND. There is no deposit limit.

Remitano’s maximum withdrawal is 300 million VND/time. There are no restrictions on the number of deposits and withdrawals.


Like FinanceX, Kenniex is a trading platform that supports VND and BTC markets and features needed to trade effectively such as charts, trading orders for various coins, real time updates etc. Like most other exchanges, Kenniex have no limit so investors can deposit as much as they like.

Kenniex have a minimum withdrawal of 50,000 VND/time and up to 300 million VND/day. Kenniex only allows withdrawal to Vietcombank, hindering investors.


Coinextra is a global crypto trading platform based in Estonia. The platform is geared towards coin-to-fiat and fiat-to-coin transactions making it easier for people to access the crypto world. Currently, Vietnamese traders can use VND to purchase BTC, ETH, USDT and CEC.

Coinextra is not much different from other exchanges. Most platforms do not limit the amount of money deposited, but limit withdrawals to 300 million VND/day.


This Singapore-based trading platform aims to become a depository for ETH investors and future co-investors. Fiahub now trades with VNT (a cryptocurrency based on the value of VND — 1VNT = 1VND) to buy ETH and BTC. Like other exchanges, Fiahub does not limit the amount deposited into your account, but the withdrawal limit is 100 million VND/day.


Most VND supporting exchanges in Vietnam have the same features with unlimited deposits, and bank regulated limits to withdrawals (300 million VND per day. Read some of our other articles to find out which Vietnamese exchange is right for you!


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