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Are You Financially Independent Yet?

Today marks two months of the Financial Independence / Retire Early Publication, and our very first newsletter.

Thank you all for following, sharing, commenting, and being a part of this community so far. In the last 30 days, FI/RE has had over 12,800 views, over 21,000 minutes read, and an average of 345 unique visitors per day! And we are just getting started! 🚀

I wanted to use this month’s newsletter to highlight some great stories submitted by our writers:

Terence Kong writes about our most common issues including, Buying vs Renting: The Age-Old Dilemma, 4 Life Skills That Makes You a Better Investor, and The Beginner’s Guide To Building A Budget.

Chun Aik asks us to consider what is actually ‘Your Best Work In Life’?

“Instead of seeing work as the job you do to produce certain value in exchange of monetary returns, we can see work as the creation of value as we envisioned.

Such work does not always get you paid, but that does not mean that it is not “work”, that no “work” is involved. Your creations, not your job, can and should be your greatest work.”

I’ve written about the The 7 stages of Financial Independence — Where Are You? and take you through the journey from debt and budgeting, to freedom and abundance.

And finally, Davide Migali raises some deep questions on traditional investment vehicles inAre Index Funds Destroying The Economy?

“We need to think long and hard about how we want to invest our money, because it is with that money that companies will build our future. It would be a shame to comfortably retire in a world that we utterly dislike.”

I hope you enjoy reading these and have a great weekend.

Best Wishes!

If you are interested in becoming a writer for FI/RE, then find out more here, and if you are interested in monetising your articles (as well as getting unlimited access to all the great content on Medium), consider becoming a member here.



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Laura is writing....

Laura is writing....

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